NEY BEARING (GERMANY) CO.,LTD. directly leading NEY Hong Kong Co., Ltd. and Guangdong NEY Bearing Industry Co., Ltd., mainly serves NEY bearing products in industrial fields of Asian countries. NEY Bearing is principally engaged in producing ball bearings and roller bearings with outer diameter ranging from 3mm to 4.25m, as well as sampled-based standard products and non-standard products as specially required by users. NEY Bearing provides customers with a comprehensive range of services and technical support, covering testing, maintenance, assembly and disassembly of bearings and bearing systems.

As a forward-looking enterprise, NEY Bearing has also invested heavily in research and development. Modern simulation technology, test equipment and special material laboratory provide reliable support for the continuous development and improvement of each production line, and meanwhile guarantee the strong innovation capacity of NEY Bearing.

NEY Bearing has agent networks in many countries, with its bearing products meeting the needs of customers in different industries. The products and services of NEY Bearing cover gearbox, reduction gear, robot, compressor, pump, machine tool, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, mining, coal machinery, metallurgy, paper-making, wind electricity and other industries. More importantly, the products of NEY Bearing have reasonable cost performance, which allows customers, at reasonable prices, to perfectly experience the product quality, more perfect and considerate services of the world-class brand. Furthermore, NEY Bearing, through unremitting pursuit, has shaped a set of rapid-response information communication system to ensure that its products can be delivered to customers within less time and fewer links, bettering their service for customers.

NEY Bearing has been fully ensuring the quality leading level of NEY bearings in the industry by means of its complete quality control and guarantee system, continuous improvement mechanism, TQC mode for general quality management, comprehensive quality testing means, instruments and standards, as well as regular training.  Meanwhile, NEY Bearing is staffed with a strong engineer team providing pre-sales and after-sales service to customers. They really help customers solve problems during use of mechanical equipment, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

NEY Bearing has been always focusing on employees, customers, quality, cost and benefit; NEY Bearing has been always taking teamwork, initiative, strong sense of responsibility as its spirit; NEY Bearing is characterized by sincerity, openness, healthy and sustainable development. NEY Bearing will maintain close contact between the producer and user of transmission products, with a view to driving the continuous progress of transmission technologies. It will meet the needs of global customers with its best services by providing all-embracing transmission products and the most professional technical solutions.